Our instructors are chosen with special care. They demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, and the ability
to communicate effectively. They’re aim is to provide you with personalized attention and to help you fly!

  • Ankur Hukmani   Chief Instructor

    New Orleans - Originally from New Delhi
    "As our Chief Flight Instructor, I am able to use my two passions, flying and teaching. I gained my flight experience flying for Northwest Airlines as a U.S. commercial airline pilot. It was a great job !  "

  • Jose Matus   CFI, CFII

    Mexico City
    "I was born in Mexico City where I started my aviation career. I moved to the US where I continue growing in Aviation. I became a CFI to help others like myself to achieve the dreams of flying in a safe and professional environment, no mater their place of origin."

  • Errol Terrio   A&P

    New Sarpy, LA
    "As an A&P Mechanic since April 1969, I takes great pride in my work. Reliability means taking the time to do it right the first time! There is no "cloud-side" maintenance available."

  • David Goodhue   Assistant Chief

    Richmond, VA
    "I was born in Rockville Maryland and lived in Richmond Virginia. I have been fascinated with airplanes and flying since I was a little kid and decided in college I wanted to be a pilot. There's nothing I love more than flying planes and sharing that experience with others."

  • Antoine Sanders   CFI, CFII

    "Had a passion for flying since I was eight. When I finally received my Pilots License, I couldn't have been happier. I didn’t think in my career that I have the pleasure of flying helicopters and airplanes. It's a dream come true, and I’d like to share the experience!"


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Our staff is here to help you enjoy your time with us, and become an excellent pilot!

  • Krystal Hukmani   Managing Director

    New Orleans, LA
    "As our Managing Director and Director of Admissions, helping our pilots realize their dream to get their ratings is very gratifying. Your success is our success. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your flight trianing provider."

  • Brandi Smith   Office Manager

    Tyler, TX
    "I came to New Orleans and fell in love with the city so much that I decided to become a permanent resident! It is my goal to take all of my knowledge and experiences from past management positions into this position to make your experience with Flight Academy as smooth as possible. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or requests: Email "

  • Lacie Labat   Office Assistant

    Marrero, LA
    "Born and raised in New Orleans with a great love for this city. I look forward to getting to know all of our students and help them achieve their goals and watch them succeed."

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